I. Develop and maintain a database of research capabilities and other information about HBCUs & Minority Serving Institutions.

II. Increase opportunities for HBCU/MI faculty & students access to and participation in Federeal Labs

III. Increase competitiveness of Minority Institutions in obtaining contract opportunities

IV. Create a collaboration portal to facilitate partnerships between: HBCU/MI, Small businesses, Prime Contractors, and Majority Institutions

V. Provide a technology platform that supports the spirit & intent of President Obama's Executive Order: encouraging innovation, collaboration, and sustainability

VI. Provide visibility and analysis of Fedral programs that target underserved communities

VII. Improve awareness of Federal policy deployment; new programs and time sensitive opportunities for HBCU/MI and small businesses

VIII. Capture the unique stories of the institution and their alumni in our web-based series "The Greatest Stories Never Told"

Frequently Asked Questions

Next generation (released 06/01/2014)

This release of MOLIS will be supported by the launching of our video series titled "The Greatest Stories Never Told". The series highlights the STEM capabilities of the institutions and the achievements of their pioneers, graduates and leaders on campus. The following is an example of the follow up from a visit with the senior staff at University of Maryland Eastern Shores.

We will continue to focused on the maintenance of the current information for the 16 HBCUs with ABET Accredited Schools of Engineering and approximately 250 other HBCU/MIs. The information is accessible through one of our consultants and or a subscription. We will empower clients and communities of practice with tools, collaboration support and our unique business perspective.

As the schools position themselves for larger contracts it is important to provide an area on the site for collaboration between the schools, small businesses, government agencies, major institutions, churches, and FORTUNE 1000 companies. This will allow for teaming, internships and expanded visibility of how to effectively compete for the contracts and grants.

The requirements for this area of the site will be driven by the schools. Knowledge transfer from the aforementioned groups will allow our minority institutions to partner today and “Prime” tomorrow.

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